Elegant Floral Cotton Suit: Hand-Painted Dupatta Suit


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Introducing our stunning three-piece cotton suit, a masterpiece of elegance and beauty. This exquisite ensemble features a cotton kurta and pant set, along with a gorgeous hand-painted Kota Doriya dupatta, creating a truly captivating look.

The V-neck cotton kurta is adorned with a beautiful printed floral pattern that extends all over the fabric, adding a touch of femininity and charm to your attire. The intricate floral design is meticulously crafted, showcasing our commitment to quality and craftsmanship.

Complementing the kurta and pant set is the breathtaking hand-painted Kota Doriya dupatta. Each brushstroke is carefully applied, creating a unique piece of art that enhances the overall appeal of the ensemble. The lightweight and airy Kota Doriya fabric adds a touch of grace and sophistication to your outfit.

This three-piece cotton suit is designed to provide both comfort and style. The soft and breathable cotton fabric ensures a comfortable fit, allowing you to move freely and with ease. The kurta’s V-neck design adds a modern and flattering touch, while the straight pants provide a sleek and elegant silhouette.

Perfect for special occasions, festive celebrations, or even casual gatherings, this beautiful suit is a versatile choice that guarantees to make heads turn. Embrace the exquisite combination of comfort, style, and artistry, and make a fashion statement that reflects your unique personality.

Indulge in the allure of this three-piece cotton suit, featuring a V-neck kurta with a beautiful printed floral pattern, a matching pant, and a hand-painted Kota Doriya dupatta. Experience the joy of wearing a stunning ensemble that effortlessly captures attention and showcases your impeccable taste.



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